Biancolilla Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Biancolilla Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • Producer: Titone
  • About the Olive Oil
    This monocultivar extra virgin olive oil is obtained from 100% delicate, ephemeral, and brilliant green Biancolilla olives. As the first olives that are ready to be milled in early September, Biancolilla olives indicate the harvest to come. They are so plump and precious (the yield is less than 8% per 100 kg) that the Titone family instructs all pickers to pluck them one by one from every tree as soon as they are ready. The olives are rushed in small crates to a “cooling room” to reduce their temperature before pressing within a few hours of harvesting.

This is a one-of-a-kind olive oil and very special limited production. Manicaretti can only purchase up to 100 cases a year if we are lucky!

2020 Harvest Tasting Notes
Biancolilla is light and fruit-forward, opening with floral and herbaceous aromas. The flavor is delicate and persistent, with mild notes of white pepper and bitter greens. This oil should be used raw as a finishing oil and enjoyed as soon as possible. Overpour this meticulously crafted elixir over fish: raw tuna crudo, poached fish, and grilled fish of all kinds. It also makes a beautiful base for fresh herb-based sauces like pesto and salsa verde. Your bottle should ideally be finished by May!

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Region: Trapani, Sicily
Olive Cultivar: 
100% Biancolilla


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